Moving Across the Country

In 2014 there are going to be some changes to the typical type of move that people are taking.  While the masses of society seem to be shifting towards the realm of moving pods, and container moves, we aren’t buying it.  A moving pod in theory sounds amazingly easy, but the reality is that it is far from it.  Think of all the problems that you will encounter.

Let’s start with… PARKING.  Where the heck are you going to keep this gigantic monstrosity of a moving vessel?  It’s certainly not going to fit in the garage, or the parallel parking spot out front.  So where will it go?

What about TIMING? How can you possibly know how long it will take to get it all packed up?  There’s really no way to predict how long it takes to box up your house and load up a container parked on the street.


The solution?  The typical moving company that does normal moving services of loading all your stuff and shipping it all for you.


Moving…. When You Need It