Visio Professional Training Classes Help Students Navigate The Visio

Visio is a great Microsoft program that is perfect for all sorts of vector graphics applications. Visio has been around for nearly twenty years and it continues to evolve to make it a whole lot easier for people to create a variety of fine graphics applications. Today a Visio professional training program can make it easier for people to know more about how to handle their graphics creation processes.The right training will allow people to explore the many features that make Visio a popular design program.

Learn About Many Concepts

Visio Professional trainingIn a Visio professional training program, people can study processes like how to create proper charts, graphs and images through the program. This includes a full review of how the program’s different image generation controls can work. The details that are covered in such a course are easy to follow and handle.

People can also learn about working with stencil and web drawing processes. XML formatting may also be covered in a typical course. Information on how to organize charts and adjust them both as they are being created and well after they are established are covered in many classes provided by a training program.

The creation of different display controls and images is crucial as it ensures that concepts may be easier to illustrate within any project. Today people can use a training course to learn about all of these different points regardless of the version of the program that is to be used.

Training Works In Many Forms

People will learn about the many ins and outs of Visio through a variety of training methods. Hands-on practices are often available to help students learn about the many controls within the program. These include stencil and clicking controls plus visual controls on how to adjust boxes and other features.

A seminar-style or client-site training program can be conducted. It’s often easier to learn new ideas through the use of equipment that is already used in the workplace or through the assistance of professionals who get how different programs and controls are to be used. These can give people added support through professionals and with familiar equipment that are very easy to control and utilize. The features that are included in these programs will vary based on the version of the program and deserve to be checked upon based on the many features that are available for use.

Training Works For Upgrades Too

Visio has experienced a number of noteworthy upgrades throughout the year. This is especially the case with the 2007, 2010 and 2013 editions of the program. New workflow diagram and organisational chart features have been introduced within the program over the years.

These are new features that may be confusing or complicated to some who are used to older versions of the program. People who want to upgrade to the latest and most beneficial versions of the program should see how a training program can help them learn more about what they can do with these new editions.

All people who are interested in Visio professional training should see how well this can work as desired. New Horizons Learning Centres can be contacted for added support by calling them at 1300 794 006.

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Benefits of Carrying Out Partial Discharge Testing

If you work with high voltage equipment in any industry, it is important to have a basic idea of what partial discharge is and to know the steps you can take to arrest it at an early age.


To begin with, partial discharge (PD) is an electrical explosion that takes place in a localized area in the insulation system. It usually occurs between two conducting electrodes without completely sealing the gap. The process is harmful, especially if it goes undetected and reaches a level where it causes complete disruption of power.

As other people, you may wonder what actually causes partial discharge in high voltage electrical applications. Well, the process often takes place because of imperfections and discontinuities in the electrical flow. Once it starts, partial discharge can escalate into electrical trees and surface tracking, ultimately causing a total disruption in the entire system.

Based on the type of imperfection and discontinuity in the insulation system, it can take between a few hours and several years to notice a complete failure. It is also important to know that some types of discharges are dangerous, especially the ones that occur in polymeric cables and other cable accessories. On the other hand, some discharges can remain harmless such as corona that takes place in high voltage overhead networks.

To discover issues related to partial discharge in various high voltage applications, reliable partial discharge test equipment is necessary for effective partial discharge measurement. Professionals with adequate knowledge and experience in partial discharge testing should carry out this process to ensure proper diagnosis.

The goal of online PD testing is to determine if there is any disruption in the insulation system by conducting proper partial discharge analysis. The diagnostic testing also helps uncover the difference between various types of partial discharge that can take place in the system. Once detected, the best action to take is to notify a specialist from a certified company dealing with partial discharge testing and monitoring.

In Australia, the best company to approach for PD issues is Live HV, a renowned company offering lasting solutions problems related to partial discharge. With their innovative PD diagnostic equipment, they are able to detect the problem as early as possible and offer appropriate solution, which makes them a preferred company for partial discharge testing and monitoring for many clients in Australia.

Some of the services you can expect from Live HV include the following:

·         Cable PD testing

·         PD mapping for cables

·         Switchgear PD testing and monitoring

·         Partial discharge testing for motors and generators

·         PD testing for transformers

·         Thermal imaging services

Partial discharge monitoring is an important process in the life of high voltage equipment. Performed by a specialist from a recognized company, PD testing and monitoring is a bold step to control disruption mishaps that can be very costly in the end. The specialists have the tools necessary to carry out the process effectively. Besides, they are able to offer appropriate advice as required.

Owing to its reputation, Live HV has landed many jobs recently including cable testing at a wind farm, long-shot testing unit, and permanent continuous monitors among others.

For more information about partial discharge, just visit

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Major Applications of Polymers You Need to Know

A product of macromolecular science, polymers are noticeable in many areas of our lives. Many decades ago, thermoplastic polymer products that are available today were non-existent. However, their presence follows further advances and research, which has led to new applications.

thermoplastic polymer

With certified industries involved in thermoplastic polymer production, it is now possible to use various products arising from thermoplastic polymer compounding. The products embrace a variety of markets including automotive, footwear, general purpose, packaging, and more. Here are some of the common applications of polymers that you may need to know to widen your knowledge on the products.

·         Elastomers: rubber is the most important of all elastomers. While rubber is available from natural sources, most of rubber used today is synthetic, from a product called styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). Rubber is essential in making numerous products in automotive, footwear and wire & cable industries.

·         Plastics: research has revealed that Americans consume approximately 60 billion pounds of plastic each year. Plastics exist in two main types namely thermoplastics and thermosets. Based on their properties, thermoplastics become soft when heated, while thermosets cross link and form rigid materials that cannot soften on further heating. In commercial applications, thermoplastics are the most widely used.

·         Fibers: fibers are important products of polymers, which are important raw materials in various industries. Synthetic fibers have been developed with improved qualities such as high softening point, increased tensile strength, improved stiffness and other desirable fabric qualities.

If you are looking for the best thermoplastic polymer compounders, it is important to engage a certified company with adequate experience in the industry. Dealing with polymers is a complex manufacturing process that involves chemical reactions of different levels to create valuable finished products. Therefore, a company involved thermoplastic polymer manufacturing should have adequate machinery in place to produce desirable results.

In USA, S&E Specialty Polymers is a leading manufacturing company that produces a variety of polymer products for various industries. With adequate machinery and a certified lab for testing its products, the company is one of the best producers of polymer products with the best quality. In addition to lab testing for quality assurance, the company does toll and custom thermoplastic compounding to meet the needs of clients.

To achieve a high reputation among several producers in the market, each company needs to beat its competitors in one way or another. For S&E, quality of products and excellent customer relationship are two important factors that takes top priority in their production channel. By hiring their services, you get more than just plastic products.

Their technical staff is ready to listen to your concerns and offer appropriate advice where necessary. Their constructive pieces of advice are most needed when you go for custom compounding services, where they design the product according to your expectations. If you are looking for the best thermoplastic polymer manufacturing company, then think about S&E Specialty Polymers. A good company treats its clients well, but a reliable company listens and implements its clients’ wishes—and that is what S&E stands for. Instead of going to companies that will give you substandard products and services, approach the company where quality reigns forever.

For more details, please visit our website

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Secrets to Saving Big On Your Courier Costs

Courier costs are some of the biggest financial issues that individuals and mail order companies have to grapple with. If you are running a business, they cut deeply into the profit margins when you have to ship items at costly rates and still try to remain competitive in the business. Yet with a little forward planning on your part, it will be possible for you to cut down on your costs by as much as 50% or even more. You can also use good courier comparison tools in order to find the courier companies that offer lower rates on their transportation or shipping services.

There are several tips that you can use to cut down on your courier costs and increase your profit margins. Based on your due diligence and shopping savvy, you can save anywhere from 10% to 80% on your courier rates and ship as much as consignment as you want without feeling the pinch. Here are some simple secrets that you can use to get the best rates in the market from the courier companies:

Look at your current courier arrangements

What are your transportation arrangements like currently? How much does it cost you? Are their opportunities to cut down on the costs? Evaluate these current arrangements and determine if there are opportunities for you to get a better deal.

Get Quotes from Competitors

Look at the rates offered by alternative suppliers and carry out some number crunching on your part. You can place request for quotes via telephone, email or a quote request form. Instead of going through every single website in order to determine these rates, you may simply use a robust courier companies comparison tool such as in order to get the most current rates from all the courier companies along with other important information about their services. It is important to get rates from as many reputable courier services (see this : as possible and then carry out a like-by-like price comparison.

Try to renegotiate your existing plan

Once you have found better deals elsewhere, you need to go back to your original courier service supplier in order to renegotiate better rates. You can arrange a meeting or place a call with your supplier and let them know that you can get better rates elsewhere.

Opt for the pick-up points as opposed to the door-to-door services

Because the door-to-door pick up services are generally costlier, it is important to opt for the pick-up points as much as possible in order to drastically cut down on your shipping rates. Door-to-door pick-up generally add to the high costs.

Challenge the Fuel Charges

Increased fuel charges are some of the leading contributors to the increased courier shipping rates. When the fuel prices rise, there is always a delayed knock-on effect on your courier costs. So you can always challenge that if your courier service provider is applying sudden fuel surcharges as a result of the increased rates. When making your annual plans and budget, it is important to factor in the possible increase in the fuel prices and the fuel charges for your courier transportation.

Get discounts

Online courier service reservations generally come with generous discounts and vouchers. Check the courier and courier comparison websites such as in order to search for some discounts and promotional offers.

Get multiple online quotes

With courier comparison websites, you can get multiple online quotes and carry out a comparison on which of these offer you the best rates. You might just be surprised that many of the smaller courier companies are offering you better deals that will help you cut deeply on your costs.


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